Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Scary Face Punch

We had a Halloween party with some friends and I thought it would be fun to make punch with a scary face.

Juice dyed green.

Sorry I didn't get a picture of the finished product but it was awesome.  


Lemon-Lime Soda
White grape juice
another juice of your choice like apple juice
green food coloring
assorted candy like gummy worms, gummy bears, licorice, etc.
assorted fruit like lemons, limes, and apples

I used a silicone cake pan and froze some juice in it.  Once that was set I made a face out of candy and fruit.  Then I froze it again.  A few hours later I poured more green juice on top of that.  Don't worry if you can't see the face perfectly.  When you pour on the soda the juice will dissolve quickly and the face will appear again.

Once you are ready for the party place the frozen face in a punch bowl and pour more juice and soda on top.  The kids and adults loved this.