Friday, September 16, 2016

Bedside Organizer

Bedside Organizer
 My kids constantly have junk in their beds and library books.  All my efforts to get them to put them on their dressers have failed so I'm trying these.
 Supplies needed:
-30" by 25" fabric x2 one for front and one piece for back
-30" by 10.5" fabric x2 one for front and one for back
-30" by 6"  fabric x2 one for front and one for back

-fusible interfacing (I used high loft) to sandwich between each piece
130" of 1 inch wide bias tape  (You can make your own.  I was lazy.)

Cut each piece of fabric out, sandwich interfacing between front and back and iron according to package instructions.

Put bias tape on the top of each pocket piece the 30" by 10.5" piece and 30" by 6" piece.

Sandwich two pocket pieces together and baste together on the sides.  Mark a line five inches in the front pocket.  Sew a line just on the front pocket.

Then attach both pockets to the main piece.  Find the half way line and sew through front and back pocket.  Then sew bias tape all the way around.

Lift up mattress and place the empty half of the fabric underneath.