Monday, December 5, 2016

Easy Homemade Ornaments

We just made homemade ornaments. We usually make some every year.  These ones were easy.

Step One- Buy glass globes.  Walmart had them for a great price!  Found them in the craft section.

Step Two- Unwrap a few crayons (less colors the better) and break off a few small pieces.

Step Three- Insert crayon pieces in globe.

Step Four-  Hold globe in hand (use an oven mitt if you need to) and place a blow dryer on its hottest setting near wear the crayons are lying.

Step Five-  Move the globe around so the melting crayons cover the surface of the globe.  This will take a couple of minutes depending on how much you want covered.

Step Six- Shake out the crayon remnants if you can (we couldn't) and put the top back on.

The hardest part was the heat from the blow dryer.

 This one was a red, blue, and white crayon.
 This was an orange, red, and green crayon.
 This was done with green and purple crayons.
I used blue and white.  Forgive the no shower or make-up look.

My husband used red and green.  Those colors mixing turn to warm.  Warning!