Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Sister's Granola

My sister sent me a canister of granola she had made a few weeks ago and I am now addicted to the stuff.
   I love it on yogurt with fresh blueberries and strawberries.  Umm... good.

Here is the recipe:

2/3 c water
3 c brown sugar
2 c vegetable oil
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 tsp almond extract (optional...I used both)
9 c rolled oats
3 c Rice Krispies
2 tsp salt
1 c slivered almonds or sunflower seeds
*any dried fruit, chocolate chips, coconut, or other desired ingredients you wish to add

1. Boil water and brown sugar for 2 minutes in a sauce pan stirring constantly.
2. Add vegetable oil and vanilla extract (and almond extract)
3. In a mixing bowl, mix together oats, Rice Krispies, salt, and sunflower seeds.
4. Add liquid and mix together
5. pour onto large cookie sheet (I suggest a jelly roll pan, or something with edges, to avoid granola spills in your oven-it is messy!)
6.Bake 1 hour at 250* turning twice with a spatula
7. After baking and cooling, add any dried fruit or candy/chocolate chips you desire

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Birthday Feast Recipes

My Husband just had his 30th birthday and since that is about when his family has their metabolism slow down I made him his last feast.  From now on we have to both be more careful about what we eat.

We started out the morning with:

Pecan Stuffed Waffles and Bacon
    These weren't fabulous after-all so I'm going to play with the recipe before I post anything.

Then for dinner I made him

Teriyaki Chicken and Veggie Kabobs-
      Just cut up how ever many breasts of chicken up into big chunks and marinade in your favorite teriyaki sauce overnight.  Then skewer on kabob sticks and grill for about five minutes on each side with the lid of your grill down.  So good!

(Sorry, about the picture.  These are the day after leftovers.)
     For the veggies I cut up a red onion, peppers, zucchini, and potatoes into chunks, skewered them, drizzled them with olive oil, sprinkled them with kosher salt, and grilled those.  They take a little longer than the chicken does. 

Fruit Kabobs with Nutella Dip

Nutella Dip

1/2 cup Nutella
1 package cream cheese
1/2 cup powdered sugar
1 cup whipped cream, whipped

Beat the Nutella and cream cheese together until smooth.  Then add the powdered sugar and then the whipped cream.  Serve with any type of fruit, pretzels, bread, or cookies.  I had a friend at dinner who ate a grilled zucchini and onion with it.  Anything goes good with Nutella.

Pasta Salad with Feta-
    I kind of based this recipe off of a pasta salad, but I can't find it on the person's blog anymore.  I changed it so much because we like different ingredients.

You'll need:
     1 12 oz. package tri colored pasta, cooked and drained
     1/2 cup red onion, finely diced
     1/2 cup  fresh Parmesan cheese
    4 Tbsp. basil pesto
     1 small jar marinated artichoke hearts (about 1 cup)  Mine were a little big so I cut them in half
    2/3 cup Caesar dressing
     Feta Cheese to sprinkle on top (optional)

Cook the pasta and then coat with Caesar dressing and pesto while its warm.  Then just add the rest of the ingredients and serve immediately.  Its really better warm.  Other ingredients you could add are: olives, diced Roma tomatoes, or toasted pine nuts.
        These are courtesy of the blog Best Bites.  Seriously one of my favorite food blogs.  They have the best food on there.  They are also hilarious.  The only thing I have to say about these Rolls is they don't say how much of the spice to use... don't use the whole spice recipe!  I did the first time with disastrous results.  I just spread the butter on the dough and then sprinkled the garlic spice mix lightly on top, added the cheese, and rolled it up and they were amazing this time!

Following with:

    Another Best Bites recipe.  My husband doesn't like toffee though so I sprinkled the top with chopped up Oreos instead.  I also didn't level the cakes because I'm lazy.

The Mousse was tricky.  Follow the instructions exactly!