Thursday, May 25, 2017

Graphgan Review Part I

In a moment that can only be considered pure insanity I decided to crochet or knit all my kids a new blanket for their beds for their birthdays this summer.

I fell in love with this graphgan concept and decided to make them all that way.  Its insanity, I know that now.

So the first thing you need to make a graphgan is decide how to do it.  There are four different ways that I have seen.  

#1- Sew a million tiny granny squares about 1-2 inches each and sew them all together.  I actually did this.  I'm just not done yet.  After starting and getting no where I realized it was stupid and found other ways to do the rest.

#2- C2C crochet.  This is corner to corner crochet.  Google it.  Its amazing.  This is how I made this blanket.  

#3- Single crochet a pattern.  Each stitch is one block on the graph.

#4- Knit a pattern.  Each knit is one block on the graph.

After you have decided which technique to use (C2C!) you need to find a graph.  There is a crazy Perler bead craze and there are a ton of pictures on the internet for these.  That's what I used.  I even merged several.  There are also knitting graphs you can adapt as well.  

Then go crazy!  Not literally.

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