Friday, January 29, 2016

Doll Swimsuit

My daughter has a doll that she loves.  Obsessed would be a better word.  She loves to buy her things or make her things.  Lately she has wanted to get her a swimsuit but they are ridiculously expensive for clothes.  So we researched and found the idea of making a swimsuit for a doll out of a sock.  At first we didn't believe it would work but we were amazed.

First you need a sock.  I used a knee length girls sock.  Fun patterns are a must.  I think you could use a smaller sock if you needed to.  We had a lot left over.

 Measure the sock against your doll.  You want the toe part on the crotch and then place your finger where the neck is.
I ended up just cutting opposite the heel.

Cut a small oval, really small.

 Then cut the straps.  I just guessed how long.  You can always cut them shorter.
 Cut down and when you near the neck opening curve out and down.

 Now cut the strap piece in half.
 Now you have a swimsuit!  Lay it out flat like so...
 And then cut small ovals for the legs.  Try to cut them so they are symmetrical.

 If you want a wrap cut off the top off the sock.  I would cut it higher up on the right side here.  My next two looked better than this.  Then cut another long piece of sock for the tie.  Stretch the tie piece and wind it a bit.
 Now to try it on the doll.  Tie the neck straps.  Cut them shorter if need be.

 You can also tuck in all the rough edges, but lets face it this is for little girls to take on and off so who really cares!
 Add the wrap and tie on the strip to the short side.  Cute!

 We made two more.
 You can see how even the small cut off the neck can affect the look.  Happy Crafting!