Thursday, May 12, 2016

DIY Ironing Board Cover

I have been meaning to get a new cover for my iron for years but every time I see one at the store I'm not sure the measurements of my iron and I'm disgusted at the price.

So the other day I decided to make my own.  It was super easy.  Took me 30 minutes.  I should have done it years ago.

You need sturdy fabric that won't wear out.  I looked in the aisle of household fabrics for curtains and pillows.

Measure your iron and add about 4 inches around the circumference.  I needed about 2 yards but my iron is a small one.

Then I got this pad at the store that is for an iron.  I used my old pad to cut out the new one.

I always zigzag my edges to make sure they don't fray.  Then I folded over the edge 1/2 inch and sewed that.

Then I did it again leaving an opening at the end.
Now just feed some elastic through the edge.

Then just put the pad on the iron and then the cover.