Monday, February 2, 2015

Kid Friendly Valentine Cards

Is it just me or does every Valentine you find on Pinterest that is supposed to be made by kids really just look like the mom did everything but write the kids' names?  

This year I found some cute ideas out there, but then I made my kids do everything.  I just made it easy for them to this by providing supplies. 

Our first Valentine says, "Have a FAN(TACHE)TIC Valentines!"
The next says, "You're Cute as  Button."

   What made these easy for the kids to make is the stamps I made out of sponges.  I just bought some cheap sponges at the store and cut them into a heart and a mustache.  I also cut the paper into rectangles.
So to start the kids just stamped each sheet of paper with a heart or a mustache.

 We let them dry and then we added the words and some decorations.  I found this cute tape at Walmart that added easy flare.  Stickers are always good too.  We glued buttons to the "Cute as a Button" cards.
 Then we punched two holes in each card and added a sucker because really what is a Valentine without some candy?

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